Signs of Summer: Coffee Breaks Outdoors

Posted by Catherine Gray on 05-Jul-2017 11:47:19

You always know summer’s coming when the tables outside coffee shops start to fill up through the day. You know summer’s really upon us when you still see people sat at those tables, chatting, as you’re on your commute home.

But why should people who aren’t at the office that day get all the fun?

Maybe your premises has some open space – more likely, if you’re based out of London like Roast & Ground, it doesn’t have much – but your office coffee machine is the perfect way to make the most of a break under the summer sun.

The Magic Morale Maker

Order a stack of disposable cups (if your machine doesn’t already require them) for the office and encourage your team to take their drinks with them and enjoy their breaks outside at the nearest open space.

Why? Because even Business Insider will remind you that the sunshine is good for you; good for your health, your mental wellbeing, and your mood. Couple that with the motivational effects of a great cup of coffee and you have a break from work that leaves your staff energised, coming together with a stronger bond, and motivated.

People do their best work when they’re in a good mood – and the coffee break, with a good machine providing quality coffee, is one of the best ways to ensure their good moods stay for longer.

Show Them You Care

For added enjoyment – and to build a stronger, closer connection with your team – why not buy in some biscuits or order a coffee syrup from our online shop? It’s a simple gesture, but one that’ll be remembered at every break and that can foster closer connections.

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