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  • New Year, New Coffee Supplier

    Looking for a new office coffee supplier in 2019? Here’s the inside track on what to look for...

    Tea and coffee – they are the backbone of British workplaces. We collaborate over it, wake up with it, and are cheered up by it during the tougher of afternoons. So it's no surprise that sometimes we need a new coffee supplier.

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  • Commercial Coffee Machines – Lease, Lease Purchase, or Buy?

    Commercial Coffee Machines in the Busy Workplace

    Morale-boosting, spirit-lifting, energy-creating – the benefits of coffee to the workplace are well-established. Providing a commercial coffee machine keeps even larger workplaces well-fuelled throughout the day. But whenever you buy any commercial asset, you must ask how you should fund your purchase – lease, lease purchase or buy? Here we review your options.

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