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  • Bean to Cup Coffee Machines: The Office Coffee Solution

    Coffee. It’s an art form. A diverse one at that.

    In years past, your average office vending machine was pretty uninspiring – serving up instant coffee and tea, maybe a hot chocolate if your employers were generous enough.

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  • Introducing our new office mascot…Cino!


    Cino, our office mascot, arrived at Roast & Ground HQ in a box of Fairtrade Columbian Superior Beans on the 1st April 2016.  At first we thought it was a bit of an April Fools, however he soon found himself settled amongst the rest of the team and we’re pleased to announce he’s a Full-Time employee.  Cino will be making regular appearances, whether helping out with consumables deliveries or entertaining on social media, so keep your bananas peeled for him here:

    We hope you grow to love him as much as we do!

    Roast & Ground

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  • 10 qualities to look for in an office drinks supplier

    When you’re looking for an office drinks supplier, you’ll be weighing up lots of factors. As experienced suppliers ourselves, these are the top 10 qualities we would look for:

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