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  • 2016: The Year of a Tea Renaissance. Is your office tea up to par?

    The UK are famed around the world as a nation of tea drinkers, and yet over the course of the most recent decade, it seems to have been coffee that we’ve been craving. As of 2016, we were drinking two and a half cups of coffee, as compared to just a single cup of tea when outside of the home (npd 2016).

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  • Why office bean to cup machines make the best coffee

    The UK consumes a staggering 55 million cups of coffee per day, with increasing numbers investing in fresh coffee, it seems that our tastes are changing (British Coffee Association).  Here we take a look at why we’ve become more discerning when it comes to our caffeine – and explain why bean to cup machines are simply essential if you’re to avoid a ten thousand mile round trip to get a taste of Columbia.

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  • Kettles lose steam against an office bean to cup machine

    Since bean to cup machines emerged on the office scene, the debate between kettles and a fully automatic drinks solution has been a heated one.  There are some businesses that consider a drinks machine to be an unnecessary luxury that doesn’t pay any dividends, here we make the case for switching from kettle to an office coffee machine.

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