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  • Rwanda's coffee economy

    The land of a thousand hills and a flourishing coffee economy

    Rwanda – a region renowned for its breath-taking scenery, welcoming people and vibrant wildlife. Here you’ll find four national parks, many magnificent gorillas and extraordinary biodiversity. But equalling its beauty, has been its poignant and tumultuous history, some of which has been sheer, unimaginable horror.

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  • Boost Business and Workers' Health

    We don’t just sell exceptional coffee. We boost business and worker health too!

    Every year parched Brits savour a staggering 70 million cups of coffee. And yet just thirty years ago, our offices were filled with dedicated tea drinkers – with barely a latte in sight.

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  • JURA – Is this coffee machine right for your office?

    You’re on the hunt for the perfect office coffee machine, and the options are endless – overwhelming, even. Amongst your choices is JURA. Sleek looking and contemporary in style, JURA machines sure look good, the question is – do they create the perfect coffee for your office? Here, we’ll help you find out.

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