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    • What's better than a (free) box of chocolates?

      We think you deserve a treat! If you're ordering snacks for the office you could be in with a chance to win a box of chocolates from the team here at Roast & Ground. A 'thank you' from us to you!

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    • New Year’s Resolutions. How're they going?

      Broken? Apparently only 16% of people stick to their resolutions, so you’re not alone. We can help! Read on and you’ll discover 10 resolutions we don’t think are too hard to commit to.

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    • The best ethical coffee brands? Here’s a great new name to add to the list

      New Fuel Their Day coffee from Roast & Ground directly supports charity Only A Pavement Away, helping people facing homelessness into employment within the hospitality sector.

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    • What is Coffee Acidity

      Coffee is known for being different things to different people. A pick-me-up, a decadent treat, a breakfast replacement, fuel for the working day or something you get while out shopping.

      What coffee is to everyone, is acidic. That acidity is what gives coffee that sharp initial taste when you take your first sip.

      Some people regard acidity positively while others don’t. But what’s the truth? Should you celebrate coffee acidity or avoid it?

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    • The Many Benefits of Decaf Coffee

      Coffee has become an indelible part of the British diet and is competing with tea for cups drunk per day and per year. That’s great news for coffee lovers. 

      While coffee has many health benefits, too much caffeine can have detrimental effects.

      That’s why decaf coffee is so popular. It can deliver that delicious coffee flavor and aroma and many of those health benefits, without overstimulating us.

      If you’re on the fence about whether to accept decaf coffee into your diet or your office, we are here to help.

      We have extolled the virtues of decaf coffee for years. With the quality of decaf coffee now being better than ever, we believe it should be a part of everyone’s diet.

      We’ll give you some great reasons why.

      First, we need to dispel a common myth we often see and hear around decaf coffee.

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    • What is the most ethical coffee?

      It’s a hot topic amongst UK companies and consumers and one that we at Roast & Ground have been striving to answer for over 20 years. Here’s what we’ve found on our mission to supply the most sustainable coffee to UK offices so that we all meet our Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.

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    • How to find better Coffee

      Coffee terminology got you confused? Here’s when to choose single origin, single estate, or something else for your next cup.

      Britain has fully embraced freshly roast and ground coffee in recent years. While our consumption is nowhere near the Finns (12 kilos per person per year), and we don’t even make the Top Ten of world coffee drinking countries (got to save some room for tea), we’re still enjoying two cups of coffee a day on average, all the while hunting out better quality beans.

      But how do you know what better quality coffee is? Should you be looking for a single estate or single origin coffee? What is a coffee blend and how do you know you’re buying a good one?

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    • Best Office Coffee Machines 2019

      Get your colleagues rushing into work early for an exceptional cup of coffee

      We all know the difference that a great cup of coffee can make to a long day at work. In fact, recent research shows that an office coffee machine has the potential to transform your work environment. A simple cup of coffee can boost employee productivity, stimulate creativity and strengthen team bonds.

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    • Swiss Water Decaf – Amazing coffee. Explained.

      The Swiss Water Process – far from this being some continental beauty treatment or massage technique, is actually a solvent-free way of decaffeinating unroasted coffee beans – the only solvent free method, that is. Let’s dive into how it works and why it creates incredible tasting decaf.

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